Congratulations on the technical breakthrough of GeneralTouch infrared light interference

Time:2018-10-11  From:GeneralTouch

GeneralTouch infrared touch screen works well under the company's 90 Klux test environment (no upper limit has been measured due to conditions) with excellent hardware circuit design and software optimization, while the traditional product has been abnormal under 72 Klux light.

The traditional infrared screen is weak in light interference, and can not touch the whole screen in outdoor use. It is a common problem in the industry.

Outdoor testing in April 16, 2018

Test method. Adjust the screen body to make the single side filter box and sunlight come to 0 degrees. The stability of the signal is measured by looking at the signal tool when there is a shadow shaking. And draw the line tool to test the stability of the drawing line.


Compared with ordinary products, abnormal light intensity occurred when 72Klux was irradiated.


Under the illumination of 90Klux, the touch products of GeneralTouch are normal touch


GeneralTouch also has three outdoor tests.



Mass production is now available.


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