Warranty and Service Policy

Warranty and Service Policy

General Touch is only under obligation to offer the following Warranty Repair and Services except those authorized formal documents in written form. Any other warra nty repair and services in non-written form is regarded as unauthorized warranty by General Touch Technology Co., Ltd, to which General Touch is under NO obligation.

General Touch is only under obligation to offer the following(Table1)

Touch System


Touch Screen









Touch Monitor(With or without touch funtion)


Whole Monitor


LCD Panel

Non-SAW Touch System

1 Year

Main Board for AIO

1.5 Years




I.Above warranty period takes the shipping date of General Touch products as the starting date.

II.Customized products, free samples or special priced products are not eligible for Warranty Replacement.

III.General Touch is under NO obligation to provide Warranty Replacement or Warranty Repair service for wrongly ordered goods.

IV.The warranty period for different countries would be different from the Table 1 according to the local law. V. General Touch is under NO obligation to provide support for following situations:

1.Without intact General Touch label, so the model number or serial number cannot be clearly identified.

2.Physical damage(including but not limited to damages of communication cable on the touch panel, damages of transducers, controllers out of shape, depressed or cracked).

3. Unauthorized disassembling repair or modification of the products.

4.ny defects caused by improper storage or unsuitable working environment (including but not limited to rust resulting from environmental humidification or any damages resulting from excessive working voltage etc.).

5.Any defects caused by abuse, misuse, improper operating of the products.

6.Damage or loss of General Touch products because of natural disaster (such as earthquake, fire or flood), social unrest or governmental polices etc.

7.Failure for providing a suitable operating environment including hardware and software.

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